1. The I.A.P.B.C. will award a limited amount of $5000 scholarships to high school seniors living in Summit County, Ohio.
  2. The Scholarship Committee, appointed by the President shall select the recipients(s).
  3. No award shall be made if, in the judgment of the scholarship Committee, no applicant is properly qualified.
  4. If scholarships are not awarded because of insufficient number of qualified candidates, the value of the unawarded scholarships shall be kept in the Scholarship Fund.
  5. Checks shall be made payable to the student and the university/college to which the student will attend.
  6. Scholarship Awards are limited to members of the Senior Class of any secondary school. Scholarships shall be awarded on the following basis:
    • A. Italian Descent
    • B. Scholastic Ability
    • C. Need
    • D. Character
    • E. Activities
    • F. In Summit County
  7. In the event two applicants have the same scholastic ratings, and no other Scholarship Award is available, the award shall be given to the one who is in greater financial need.
  8. Application for Scholarship Award must be made no later than April 30, 2020 of each year.
  9. If the Scholarship Awards cannot be used within the immediate scholastic year due to unforeseen circumstances, the Scholarship Committee may make other recommendations.
  10. Scholarship recipients will be notified around in mid May by email.


  • A. Be sure you have read the rules carefully. Answer each question to the best of your ability.
  • B. You application will not be considered unless we have received the following on or before April 30, 2020.
  1. Application
  2. Letter of recommendation from high school principal, teacher or guidance counselor.
  3. Your own letter stating your reasons for applying for a scholarship and listing your present interests and activities, the size and circumstances of your family, how you expect to finance your college education and any other information you may consider important.
  4. Official high school record.
  5. ACT or SAT scores.
  6. Financial information: First two pages of your parent’s income tax return.
  7. Recent photo (2017 or 2018 only).
  8. Document of Italian origin, such as a family tree, passport of Italian grandparent or information from

Note: Check off above material and include this sheet with your application.

Any questions you can contact me Rocco Caponi I.A.P.B.C Scholarship Chairman by email at


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